Friendship Connections Club

Making friends is an essential skill. Friendships can help you feel supported, lower stress and feel connected to community. Research shows that having friends remains an important driver of quality of life through adulthood.

Making a friend, being a good friend, and keeping a friend takes a lot of different social skills.  Our knowledgeable team will help your child develop and master skills ranging from how to join a game to social conversations to becoming socially assertive.  Our goal is to build your child’s confidence in interacting with peers, promote healthy self-esteem and help establish and maintain relationships with others.

Our Friendship Connection Club matches children by age and developmental level and provides a safe environment to practice social skills with peers. Each child initially has his or her own social skill goals and a therapist to prompt and support skill development and performance. Support is faded to small group support as your child generalizes skills and increases independence.

Friendship Connection Clubs are up to three-hour groups during week days. They are active, fun, and provide a variety of activities including group games, outside play, and a new age and developmentally appropriate discussion/topic each week. Our Social Skills Coordinator meets quarterly with each child’s caregivers to provide updates and insight to your child’s social skill development and gives daily updates at the end of each group to all parents. We want to include you in your child’s progress so you can continue working on your child’s specific goals outside of the group. At Friendship Connection club, you are a team member, too!

During school holidays and vacations, the Friendship Connection Club has longer hours available. Our club facilitators often organize field trips to local gymnastic clubs, parks, or other local community locations to help generalize goals out in the community.

Let us know if you are interested in joining our Friendship Connection Club and our Social Skills Coordinator will schedule a time to meet with you and your child to determine fit in the right group.

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