Parent Consultation

Nothing truly prepares you for the challenge of being a parent. Yes, parenting is rewarding, and it’s also an incredibly demanding job. We get it.

We also know that parenting a child with autism or behavior challenges can add an extra layer of stress to you and your family. We believe that no one should have to carry that weight on their own. We can provide you with the support and strategies to help you be the parent you want to be. We work with families with children of all ages and although many children have autism, we provide consultation to families with or without formal diagnoses.

When the parent consultant meets with you and your family, you will learn effective techniques to help structure any environment to set your child up for success. We will help you find new, motivating activities to do with your child, as well as, ways to create learning opportunities throughout your day to ensure learning is continuous. You will learn how to “be a detective” as we help you figure out why your child is engaging in difficult behaviors. 

We use a variety of active teaching methods such as modeling, role play and practice with feedback. You are involved in the development of goals and learn when and how to use a variety of strategies tailored to your child’s needs and your needs. Your priorities are our priorities in our highly individualized parent sessions.

We also provide consultation in other settings, such as (pre)school, daycare, after school care, church, or at extra-curricular activities. Teachers and caregivers are provided with positive behavior support strategies and tools to specific students or even the entire class or group. At In STEPPS we believe that change can only be sustained if all caregivers support and maintain that change, and as a result we involve as many caregivers as possible. 

Let us know how we can make your life easier and we will work with you to help you be the parent you want to be.

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